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By z9Ls2C On August 25th, 2017

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How do you feel when you receive a gift? Most of us enjoy receiving, but that feeling pales, when compared to that which we experience when giving. Remarkably, that feeling can be enhanced when you choose to give a gift basket. The primary difference between a gift basket and other gifts is that no other gift focuses as much on presentation as a gift basket. Your thoughts and feelings for your recipient are reflected in this.

Gift givers are increasingly turning to gift baskets to satisfy their needs. This fact is reflected in the seemingly endless designs that are available to the consumer. While many designs still include the basket as the container, numerous other options exist. Gift boxes, gift bags and containers are just several of the other choices available when it comes to building a gift basket. Choosing what container your gift basket will be created in will depend on considerations such as the occasion or the relationship between the purchaser and the recipient.

When searching for that perfect gift basket, you should first consider the following: *The occasion. Is the basket going to a business associate, family member or friend? This will set the tone for your gift basket *Price range. There are many price ranges for gift baskets, for example $50, $100 or over $250 *The container. Many companies still prefer sending the “basket” as a more corporate feel is emitted. Boxes and bags can be more personal. *Is the delivery or shipping included in the gift price? If not, then how much will the company charge you for where your gift is going *When will your gift arrive? Time constraints can be very important. You should know how long your gift will take to arrive at its destination.

Whatever the reason for your gift, whoever the recipient and no matter what your price range, you are certain to find a gift basket that will fulfill your needs. One of the most attractive reasons for giving someone a gift basket is their versatility. They can be whatever you want them to be and can be given for any occasion. *Christmas Gift Baskets – A wonderful way to send your holiday wishes. The variations are endless but most are filled with decadent treats such as chocolates, cookies & drink mixes *Baby Gift Baskets – filled with products newborns will love and new parents may need. Soft stuffed animals and blankets, toys that the little one will surely love and more practical items such as soothers, lotions and diapers can be incorporated into these gifts *Fruit Baskets – For when you want to send a “healthier” gift. These do not have to be limited to just fruit however and may include nuts, crackers and even chocolate. *Gourmet Gift Baskets – These gift baskets come not only with tempting chocolates and cookies, but can also contain smoked salmon, pates, cheeses and crackers. Also great for corporate gift giving *Thank You Gift Baskets- We rarely express this sentiment enough. Sending a gift basket just to say thanks will leave a lasting impression. *Candy Gift Baskets (also known as Candy Bouquets) – Chocolates and candies arranged together to resemble a floral bouquet. *Birthday Gift Baskets – Celebrate their special day with stylish themed gifts that show how much you care.

At the end of the day, regardless of the type of gift basket you decide to send, know that you will succeed in making someone’s day a little brighter. Your recipient will no doubt be smiling the next time they think of you (probably as they eat their third piece of chocolate).

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