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Save time, effort, and money by knowing the facts about your auto warranty.

If youre one of those people that doesnt pay much attention to the auto warranty when you buy a car.listen up. Whenever you decide to buy a car, make sure you understand the auto warranty that comes with the vehicle youre purchasing.

Not all auto warranty issues are the same. The coverage can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Purchasing a vehicle with a good auto warranty can help keep your car in good shape without costing you lots of money.

Its important to note just how much the coverage of an auto warranty can vary. The minimal coverage for auto warranty on a new vehicle that you should look for is three years or thirty-six thousands miles. Coverage can go all the way up to 10 years or one hundred thousand miles.

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Common Types of Auto Warranty

The three most common types of auto warranty are:

Basic: The basic and most common auto warranty covers everything except wear and tear items like oil filters, tires, batteries, wiper blades and other frequently replaced items. The U.S. federal government requires emissions equipment to be covered for two years or twenty-four thousands miles.

Drive train auto warranty: This type of auto warranty takes care of the majority of the parts that cause the car to move. These parts include the engine, transmission, drive shaft and the axles. Again, just as with the basic coverage, parts that are wear and tear items such as belts and hoses are not covered. Two items that are usually covered by drive train auto warranty are the bearings and pistons.

The third type of auto warranty is rust or corrosion protects you from rust-through problems of the sheet metal. Not this type of coverage only comes into effect if there are holes in the sheet metal. Proper maintenance of regular washing and waxing is required for most rust and corrosion auto warranty policies to remain effective.

Manufacturer to Manufacturer

Auto warranty policies can vary greatly from car manufacturer to car manufacturer. Investigate carefully and do you homework before you make a purchasing decision. Dont let the hype of the sales person influence you. Purchasing a vehicle is a major purchase. Consider the auto warranty that comes with your vehicle carefully before you make your final decision.

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