Is It Better To Buy Camphor Wood Furniture For Home Decoration

By z9Ls2C On July 22nd, 2017

Is It Better To Buy Camphor Wood Furniture for Home Decoration


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When buying furniture for home decoration, have you considered buying the furniture made from camphor wood? Many people would have too many questions about the camphor wood furniture such as is it better to buy camphor wood furniture or is camphor wood furniture harmful to people s health? In fact, just like other common solid wood, both the camphor wood and camphor wood furniture are harmless to human body. Maybe there is something wood smell. However, when buying camphor wood furniture, you should pay more attention on the paint on the surface of furniture and ensure that it is the environmentally friendly paint. As usual, camphor wood furniture made by famous furniture manufacturers always paint furniture with environmentally friendly paint.

As is known to all, camphor wood has the tight and beautiful natural texture, it is not easy to be broken due to the tough and tensile character and meanwhile it is not easy to crack. Since the ancient times, camphor wood is the preferred raw material for carving skills. In addition, camphor wood is the traditional precious wood, which have the special sweet smell for a long time. Because of such sweet smell, all the camphor wood furniture are so unique with the practical features such as insect prevention, moth proofing, mould proof and so on. In daily life, if you put small piece of camphor wood inside the high-end clothing as well as calligraphy and painting books, it is not necessary to use the camphor ball, which have the pungent odor. There is not damaged by worms phenomenon or mildew, but have the sweet fragrance.

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Although there are too many advantages of the camphor wood, you should not place the camphor wood furniture at room, especially the living room, for a long time because it is not beneficial to health. What you have to do is to keep the ventilation and replace the indoor air. At the same time, according to the suggestion from experts, all kinds of furniture such as cabinet, box and cupboard, all of which are made from camphor wood, should not be placed at the living room because it will affect the sleeping quality. The organic matter release d from camphor wood always have the stimulation on the gastrointestinal mucosa. Once being absorbed, it is likely to form the oxycamphor, one kinds of water soluble metabolites, which have the obvious effect on rising blood pressure. When placing camphor wood furniture at living room, people would be too excited to fall sleep well.

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