Napkin Folding 101: How To Fold Linen Napkins

By z9Ls2C On January 9th, 2017

By Kieron Hughes

If you are planning a party, wedding or event, a key decorative table item is the dinner napkins. Napkins range in quality, size and colour, which can make finding the right one rather difficult. The key to napkin decoration, however, is the way in which you fold the napkins on the table where they are lay. In this guide to napkin folding, we explain a tried and tested technique on how to fold linen napkins to make a beautiful decorative piece.

Napkin Folding – The Basics

Firstly, you will need the appropriate linen to complete the napkin folding. You can buy linen napkins directly, hire them, or if you are feeling a bit adventurous; buy the linen and make the napkins yourself. Whichever method you decide to choose, be sure to select a colour that matches the decorations of the venue, as napkins are more eye-catching than you may imagine.

Napkin Folding – The Fan Fold

One of the most common, but elegant, techniques of napkin folding is the fan fold. This method will take you right back to your childhood days of creating a fan out of paper to cool yourself down on a hot day, and is sure to heat up the look of your table.

1.Fully open up the napkin and lay it on a flat table

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2.Fold the napkin in half so that a crease forms in the middle, then re-open it

3.Use the accordion fold technique to fold one side of the napkin up to the centre crease

4.Repeat the previous step with the other side of the napkin

5.The napkin should now be in the shape of a long rectangle

6.Fold the rectangle in half (upright), then fan out all of the folds, to create the fan effect

You may also need to use a napkin ring to keep ensure that the napkin keeps its shape after creating the fan effect, or choose your own method of holding it in place.

Napkin Folding – Extra Techniques

The technique above is one of the simplest to create, and looks stunning in conjunction with the rest of the table once decorated. If you wish to use a different napkin folding technique then don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, it is supposed to be the perfect day. There are many resources available on the Web to help with choosing the correct linen and folding technique, so don’t worry if you feel the first method isn’t working out for you.

Quick Napkin Tips

To help you decorate the ideal table, we’ve compiled a couple of napkin tips.

1.Place the napkins on the person’s plate or in a glass, to save more room on the table

2.Choose colours that subtly compliment your decorations – white, and other light colours

3.When folding napkins, be sure to do it on a clean surface

One main thing to remember when decorating a table with napkins is to not go overboard with too much detail and colour.

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